PANEL: Heterosexism in Education
27 June Friday - 17:00 - 18:50

Sexual identities other than of the dominating constitute a taboo for the education system in Turkey of all sorts and at all levels. Curricula, textbooks, visual materials being used in classes, regulations for clothing, disciplinary and other legal regulations alike ensure the codes on womenhood/manhood to be transferred onto the students; a gender regime based on the heterosexual/homosexual dichotomy to be strengthened and maintained. This panel will bring the educators and students that are involved in the LGBTI Movement together and provide an opportunity to examine the hegemonic regime’s efforts on building heterosexism as a political site of pedagogy, and to share school experiences as part of the discriminating practices in education with regard to sexual orientation and sexual identities.

Moderators: Ada Köse (Eğitim-Sen İstanbul Branch No.3), Damla Karaman (Eğitim-Sen İstanbul Branch No.6)

Speakers: Ayşe Panuş (Eğitim-Sen [Education and Science Workers’ Union] İstanbul Branch No.3), Yasemin Şafak (Kaos GL), Esin Aksoy (Eğitim-Sen İstanbul Branch No.1), Emre Demir (Highschool LGBTI), Irmak Keskin (Blurry Owl)

Venue » Cezayir Meeting Hall