Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week Committee

Consists of a group of independent activists. Previously held under the organizational auspices of Lambdaistanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association, Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week has more recently been the product of a multitude with plural voices and ideas, organized with an independently forming group that varies from year to year. Lambdaistanbul continues to host the meetings of the committee each year.

It includes activists from organized LGBTI formations in Istanbul as well as from other social movements and the academic community.

There are those who join and labor with us because they simply enjoy the process. It is not required to be LGBTI to volunteer for the committee.
Volunteers do not have any material expectation. They do not get paid for their contributions. They are laborers. Decisions are made by consensus, if necessary, at the end of hours of discussion.

The LGBTI movement comes first; visibility, equality, the pursuit of rights and justice are the primary goals.

Before we forget! We always welcome your support and friendship!

In short, you can join us!

Because if you are not there, we are missing many!

22nd Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week Committee